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Your Ultimate Guide To Youtube Marketing

by Video Traffic Academy on January 31, 2012

Here’s another post that I want to share to you all. Maybe you are a business owner, an internet marketer or an affiliate marketer. I’ve been using youtube in my life after I have tried the power of it as I have learned from Video Traffic Academy course by James Wedmore.  Your Ultimate Guide To Youtube Marketing

Just want to give some case studies that I can show how I use the course on the application and how would they make money for me. This way, you’ll see the WRONGS and the RIGHTS of what I am doing and you’ll also be able to see my successes and failures.

First Case Study – James Videos

So let’s get started with the application that some of  James videos that making him Sales on clickbank. Perhaps, let’s say this is my first Case Study. Yes, he does have videos on youtube and he’s dominating for few keywords on two niches and giving him a passive income of $16 to $200 a day for the youtube marketing alone(not including his other sales of other traffic methods he uses). Not quite bad! The other thing is that, he never spent any more than 10 minutes on each of his videos per day!

Before we go further, I want to clear this to you that…being an Affiliate or using Youtube as the source of traffic to get affiliate sales is just one of many ways you can do. There are other stuffs you can use Youtube as your marketing method. Either you have your personal brand that you want to build your credibility with, get clients, or leads? Or you have your other purpose? it’s really up to you!

The SECOND Case Study – World of Warcraft Characters

The second case study that I want to share to you is my “World of Warcraft Characters” video. I have used this video to test for myself and how really is Video Traffic Academy will work and IF IT REALLY WORKS!

One thing I want to share to you about what’s the failure that I did on this is that.,I haven’t followed the Module 1 videos(I did jumped on the other Modules, hope you’ll NOT do that yourself.) from the VTA course which is very crucial. It tackles about the “foundation” that shows you the entire strategies in place and it’s really good information you should not missed!

Back to the our case study…

On the first 1 to 3 days., my video didn’t rank at any page.,and I’m doing the ranking methods that VTA teaches me to do(spent 10 to 15 minutes). After…, the 4th day., I see my video rank on the 14th position on the first page of Youtube Search Results. One thing of the other, I wasn’t that serious of doing this stuff and I stopped after it ranked #14th! But now, as I check if the rank did changed…I was amazed that it’s now on the 2nd position.

Now, let me give you those little bit details of this stuff so you’ll see the BIG picture.

  • My “NOT SERIOUS” purpose is just to test it.
  • I have outsourced the video creation for just $5
  • Setup the Optimization needed of the video.
  • Did some of the video ranking methods and strategies(10 to 15 minutes).
  • Then leave it after I got tired.
So., how was this information could help you? You should have some few lessons to learn from this, and here are they:
  1. Be definite on what’s your purpose of your video. (it was tackled on Module 1) – “Having the End of mind”.
  2. Have a video that is informative, helpful or entertaining.  – depends on your purpose.
    Here’s a quick video for you to get some good info about “how to create your video”.
    Now you have it!  If you’re afraid to be in front of the camera, then there are lot of alternatives for you to create videos!
  3. Consistency. – Yeah! I missed that point!
    Here’s another informative video from James! Watch this!
The other good thing that you should not missed from “Video Traffic Academy” is that.,we have a private group on facebook that become a very helpful community! We helped each other.,we give tips, advice to each other and even building your brand & your youtube subscribers!
Thanks folks for visiting this blog and more case studies I’ll be sharing to you soon! Join in now at Video Traffic Academy! Have a great day!

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