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Welcome to Video Traffic Academy Review Site!

by Video Traffic Academy on June 11, 2011

Where is Video Traffic Academy?

If you’ve come here looking for Video Traffic Academy? No no…this is not the official site! This site will talk and give you honest review on my experience on my journey with Video Traffic Academy e-Course.

And just to give you what Video Traffic Academy is all about., it’s a full membership site that you will learn how to DRIVE overflowing traffic to your website using Video with the power of Youtube!

This e-Course were authored by the LinkedInfluence Guru “Lewis Howes” and the Heavy Video Sales Letter Guru, “James Wedmore”! As these two Gurus had been testing different methods on driving traffic both PAID and FREE, they just uncover the greatest potential and the power of Videos PLUS Youtube to drive traffic on your website! This is why they called this membership product a “Video Traffic Academy” It’s all about getting TRAFFIC all using VIDEOS!

What You’ll Learn Inside Video Traffic Academy?

To give you an overview., there are bunch of NEW things you’ll learn inside the members’ area of Video Traffic Academy! You’ll get over blown with things that you will absorb there!

You learn how to create your Videos from scratch(even you don’t have any ideas how or where to start!)., get the FREE tools to use to make things happen much faster and get results and so much more to mention! Want to know the SECRET sauce on getting your Videos rank on Youtube’s result page? Oh…that’s just one of the great things you’ll get when you join Video Traffic Academy!

This is not another HYPE to get excited about! This is a REAL DEAL that if you’ll take action on it…it’s absolutely you WILL GET RESULT!!!

That’s just it… see you then! More post will be coming and I will share to you exciting things I got inside Video Traffic Academy.

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Rochi October 7, 2011 at 4:49 am

I see, I supospe that would have to be the case.


Tomeka Keliipio February 9, 2012 at 9:25 pm

Hi, are you accepting any advertising on your web site? I’d like to buy a banner for a month or two promoting my my web site which is closely related. Let me know, or give me an email address that I can reach you at. Many thanks!


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