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Video Traffic Academy – Youtube Statistics

by Video Traffic Academy on September 26, 2011

video traffic academy

Okay! This is just one of many videos that James had made in his youtube video marketing. Take a look on this video how he start a grayed old video to show about Video Revolution(pretty simple but powerful, chopping some old video and add in to your own video presentation!) and then HE SHOWS You the YOUTUBE STATISTICS that will surely open your eyes how youtube can help you grow more on traffic, leads and sales!

Here’s the Youtube Statistics that are listed inside the VIDEO:

  • 0:41  – Youtube is the 3rd Most Visited Website in the World
  • 0:44 – Youtube is the Second Largest Search Engine
  • 0:48 – Youtube is the World’s Largest Video Sharing Platform
  • 0:54 – Youtube Gets over 3 Billion Views Every Single Day
  • 0:58 – Youtube Mobile Gets Over 100 Million Views Per Day
  • 1:04 – 35 Hours of Footage is Uploaded to Youtube Each & Every Minute
  • 1:13  – 13 Million Hours of Footage were uploaded to Youtube in 2010
  • 1:20 – 70% of Youtube Traffic Comes from Outside the U.S.
  • 1:26 – Youtube is Localized in 26 Different Countries across 43 Languages
  • 1:33 – More video is uploaded to Youtube every 60 Days than the 3 Major US T.V. Networks have produced in 60 years!

As you can see from these youtube statistics, there’s no doubt that you have all the potential of driving traffic, leads and sales! You just need to have the ULTIMATE guide on the “WHATs” and “HOWs” that will walk you through in every way from setting up to making profit! And you can never be wrong on Video Traffic Academy course by James Wedmore and Lewis Howes! 

Do you have any suggestions? comments etc? Please post your comments below!

And if you have time, you might want to read my “how to rank high on youtube” and “how to get more views on youtube” posts. Happy Youtube Marketing! More awesome post coming!

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