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Video Traffic Academy Product Review

Okay, here’s a great piece that I’m gonna share to you! It could be the greatest information that you would ever read on this blog.

So the first question I’ve got to ask you about is that., how are you doing with your business? Aren’t they giving you much profit you desired just yet? You think you are missing something to getting more conversions and sales? Or you just started your business online? Then it’s best that you’ve come to this Video Traffic Academy Product Review Page that I’ve created for you.

I’m not biased here though I and James Wedmore were friends. I’m telling all the truth within Video Traffic Academy. I will not recommend you to buy this just for the sake that I could make money. I wanted to help you decide whether you need this product or not so you wouldn’t waste your precious time, money and energy(I’ve been there)!

Let’s get started and learn everything that you need about this product and so you could make your decision to buy it.

First, let me give you an outline of everything that we’re going to discuss here(that should help you sent to what you wanted to read on this page: 

That’s pretty much of the table of contents you would need :-) Go and click each of them to read about them further.

[highlight bg=”#ffbf70″ color=”#000000″]Creator of Video Traffic Academy ()[/highlight]

James Wedmore is the creator of Video Traffic Academy. He’s been using Youtube for over 5 Years now and he summed up everything that he learned and form them into a course which now we call Video Traffic Academy 2.0.

He interviewed lots of youtube experts like Dave Powers and youtube superstars that get tons of viewers and subscribers and he took the hard part for his students.

Video Traffic Academy History ()

Once upon a time, there was a man, a bartender and had created his very own product about mobile bartending business. He was a Film School Grad, and he used that talent to create some videos himself and uploaded them on free video sharing sites like Google Video and then later, on Youtube. He also used some video submission tool like Tubemogul, and later on, focuses his effort on YouTube as he sees a good result of traffic and getting sales on his bartending product from the traffic he gets from youtube.

From there on, he noted all the possibilities of how YouTube can help business owners like himself. He did more researched and find some youtube experts and did interview them and took all the information he could take, and did his own tests and experiments on his own videos and getting good results from them!

Later, he further tests the strategies he learned from his successful experiments to few of his clients and one of them is Kristen Eckstien. And from there, he took his journey of creating all of those information into comprehensive step by step guide product with one intention in mind. “To help business owners and entrepreneurs like himself to get more traffic, sales leads and conversion!” That being said, here comes the “Birth of Video Traffic Academy”! Interesting ain’t it?

Contents and Bonuses ()

So from here, I’m gonna show you what’s the inside of Video Traffic Academy 2.0 course. Please watch the video below:

Upsells and Hidden Costs? ()

There were few upsell offers on VTA, and I’ll list them all here. And just so you know, it isn’t an upsell like the other courses you might have been that just brag all of the contents on their sales pages, yet., you can only get those contents on the upsells!! that sucks!

James Wedmore have taught everything about Youtube Marketing Strategies straight to the point inside Video Traffic Academy. No upsells needed to get access to his bonuses and everything he said in his sales page. The upsell offers are for those who would like to go more on different route of online marketing in social media aside from youtube.

So here are the upsells list I’m talking about:

  • Social Marketing Tribe
  • Reel Marketing Insider

Social Marketing Tribe focuses more on the other social media marketing strategies like facebook, linkedin and twitter. If you think you’re not doing great on those top social media sites, then the upsell might give you a boost(don’t worry, it’s just optional)!

Reel Marketing Insider is one of the newest product that James Wedmore offers. Since Video Traffic Academy is more focused on using YouTube as the source of traffic. Reel Marketing Insider helps VTA’ers make their videos more engaging and powerful through different video filming strategies, types of videos and step by step guides on creating high quality videos and eve more!

Video Traffic Academy Pricing ()

$97! Yes! that’s just $97 one time fee! No recurring or need of repeat purchases to continue and stay on the program. Just pay once and you’ll have the lifetime access to the Video Traffic Academy 2.0 members contents. You’ll have access to the future updates and bonuses that James will be adding! Fair enough? NO! James already carry all LOADS of RISK for you!

You think you need VTA? ()

I already gave you all the information you need about Video Traffic Academy. It’s my time to ask you.. you think you need Video Traffic Academy?

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