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How to Rank High on Youtube

by Video Traffic Academy on September 6, 2011

How to rank high on youtube is just one of many questions I’ve got from my subscribers. As much as I have experience, driving traffic to my websites using video is NOW not a choice but necessity. I choose video marketing as one of my biggest jump when I learn the exact method of how to rank high on youtube. Yes! Where’s talking about YOUTUBE here and not the other Video sites. Just to show you a quick youtube statistics:

    • Youtube is now the SECOND Largest Search Engine!(not yahoo, not MSN and any other search engines!)
    • Third of the MOST Visited Website!
    • Youtube got over 3 Billion Daily Views!
    • It’s the World’s LARGEST Video Sharing Sites!
    • The Average Youtube Video Viewers took time up to 1 minute to watch videos
    • Over 100 Million Views a Day are watching Youtube from their Mobile Phones!
    • 35 Hours of Video Footage is uploaded every minute!

Haven’t read my VTA Review? Better read it from here. With just of those Youtube statistics, you’ll never have to ask yourself “Why should I go to Video Marketing???” but better ask yourself.. Why haven’t I?

Don’t ask yourself How..’coz that will get answered pretty simple if you know “WHY!”. In this post, I’m going to share to you the few secret sauce that will drive you on the top of the search result page of… YOUTUBE! So if you haven’t get on youtube yet, you’re losing the HUGE potential. Here are the STEPS to Rank High on Youtube!

  • Do a Keyword Research!

– Keyword research is pretty essential and necessary. If this sounds really hard for you..that’s no problem at all! Everything are pretty well laid-out for you at Video Traffic Academy!

– Doing this as the most priority will save you more time and effort in the future!
  •  Youtube Channel Optimization.
– this  includes Creating Your Channel base on the main “NICHE or TOPIC” of your video.  This will help Youtube to determine what is your Channel all about!
  •  Video Optimization.

Now this may sound a bit complicated but to get you directly to the point, here’s very simple instructions on how I did it.

First. I made sure that my “main keyword” was the name of my FILE, before uploading it to Youtube!

  – Yes! this is very important and one of those many factors that youtube will take a look at whether your video relates to a specific topic.
  – For a specific example, if the your video is about “anti virus” then you can name your video file as anti virus.flv or anti virus.mp4 or whatever video extension you are converting the video to.

Upon uploading the video on Youtube, I have my main keyword on the Title, Description and Tags.
 – don’t let this just pass you by! without giving your video proper Title, Description and Tags, youtube will never knew what your video is all about!

 I choose the Eye Capturing image from my Video as the video Thumbnail.
  – This helps me get more views and attention from viewers.
Fourthly. Get some VIEWS! Likes, Favorite and Comments! Well, this is the hard part if you don’t know what to do.  Most of this might require you to outsource things out! Why not get your hands to this Youtube Getting View Process Map to help you build your credibility and let Youtube start seeing the Value of your Video! Just put your name and email below!


Fifth. Build backinks! Embed Your Videos on many different Social Media Sites, social bookmarking sites, etc! As I’ve said! Everything are all laid out at Video Traffic Academy eCourse! You’ll absolutely be amazed when you get in. 
If you’re now ready to JOIN Video Traffic Academy, then just click this LINK.  If NOT then no problem for you to hang around here…there were pretty much valuable content you’ll get here!

Hope you now get some idea on how to rank high on youtube! Isn’t that simple??? 

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