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How to Get Rid of Fear of Being on Camera

by Video Traffic Academy on February 1, 2013

Fear in front of camera eh? Yeah! I have heard of it so often. I’ve been with video marketing and it’s true that I have had my fear in front of the camera at the beginning of my journey.  I did a lot of practice and do some self talking even at the bathroom(it’s awkward).

While you are yet in your fear, you can choose to use different Types of Videos so you could give yourself a time to produce videos while getting yourself defeat that FEAR in front of the camera!

So here are some tips on how to overcome or get rid of that FEAR of being on the camera!

First, let’s talk about FEAR. I have heard a common phrase that says, FEAR basically means “False Expectations Appearing Real” is that true?

Whether it’s true or not, we’re going to deal that FEAR!

1. Understand that FEAR is NORMAL

You heard me! FEAR is normal mostly in everything that you’re just starting with. Do you remember that you have that fear when you’re 7 going to grade school? 

How about when you drove your car the very first time? Think of your past experiences when you’re first or just started at them., didn’t you have fear? Basically, I’m telling that you must understand, that FEAR is normal and to encourage you to continue what you are going to do next!

2. Prepare Yourself!

So you now just remember that fear is normal, then to help yourself get rid of that fear of being on front of the camera is to prepare. What I mean by preparation is that, you need to know what exactly you want to tell and share to your audience and viewers!

You can’t just start talking and then the words you are going to say will just magically popups and you will have great videos! True that most expert do have this talent, but that’s not what we need because you are just new to this stuff ain’t you?

Preparing yourself doesn’t mean one thing. It mean a lot of things like:

 – Make yourself an expert or a know how guy of anything you want to teach your viewers. You want to teach people about youtube and how awesome it was? Then learn good stuffs about youtube! To put it simply, do some research to adds up on your topic that interest you to share!

 – Outline the important points you want to share or teach to your viewers. You don’t need to create an entire script of what you’re going to tell in front of the camera(that’s insane). Just create an outline, know your subject and you’ll know what to say beginning from your outline!

3. Be Transparent!

I knew it! You’re hiding something that you’re afraid you might slip and tell it? Well, if you can’t briddle your tongue, then try your best to be transparent! Being transparent makes you feel great and free! 

4. Fix Your Tonality

Your tonality is pretty important. The way you say the words are much noticed by your viewers than what you’re saying. Fixing the tonality of your voice isn’t a quick fix! I’ve been there and the one that solve it is a consistent practice as mentioned in the next tip!

5. Practice Talking and Do Exercise

Yes, practice makes you to the way of having more confident. As I remember, when I first recorded a video of myself., I’m full of fear and the tonality of my voice sounds yucks! After trying couple of times and even practice talking to myself and said phrases out loud, I considerably saw a great change in my tonality when I create videos the next time. 

Give it a try and take time to do it when you’re at the bathroom or alone in your room. Say some phrases you may want to say in your videos.. like.. Hey everyone George W. Bush Here, and I’m here to give you a quick tip on how to get our of your debt! And… so on!! Practice!

6. Do What You Teach!

If you don’t do or practice what you are teaching or sharing in your videos, chances are… you’ll be guilty and you can’t be look at your giving information at all. Most likely, those people who teaches that they don’t know or they don’t do have a huge fear talking to the camera! So make sure you practice what you teach, learn from experience and give value!

7. Watch Your Own Video!

Watching your own video will drastically increase your capability of doing much better videos. You’ll observe which part of the video you’re making a bad look, bad tonality, camera lighting, the clarity of your words and even your postures. The next time your create your video, you’ll surprise how great you are!

I hope everything is clear and my tips help you get rid that fear on being in front of the camera! Before you go away, watch this quick video from the creator of Video Traffic Academy James Wedmore talking about FEAR and how to overcome it here:

Thank you so much and talk soon!!!

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