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How to Get More Views on Youtube

by Video Traffic Academy on September 21, 2011

Video Traffic Academy

People in the world Hello!! How are you and how was your journey on video marketing? Haven’t you read my how to rank high on youtube post yet? I’ve got the information about it from video traffic academy and you may read my review about the product here

Don’t you know that there are lot of good feedback’s from the customers of Video Traffic Academy on how it helped them and in their businesses? 

Just one of the testimonials from Lorena.

Just joined Video Traffic Academy. I’m excited to learn how to promote myself and my business through video shorts on YouTube. I have heard so much about and have seen so many short videos on YouTube that are cute and entertain as well as promote people and businesses. As commented on in the intro class I saw making a video, no matter how short, as complicated and time consuming. By following this course my goal is to become the ‘expert’ in my area and draw traffic to me, my business   and website.

That is just few of many concrete evidence that this course really had helped a lot of people including me! And you know what? VTA just launch last month(August 2011) and now it has OVER 2,000 members! How wonderful and helpful product! 

And before I forget! I’m creating my own case study and will be posting my result here on this blog! And I’m pretty sure I did the implementations from what I have learned inside Video Traffic Academy.

And so back to the topic on how to get more views on youtube ?… Let me note to you these things first.

To get more views on youtube, we have to Be on the TOP or to Rank #1 for a specific keywords(Keyword Research was discussed plainly and clearly inside VTA). But then, we need more VIEWS(one of the factors that youtube counts – read my how to rank high on youtube post) so that our Videos will rank to the #1 position! What is it again? Little tricky right?

Did you get my point? If not, I’ll direct you to the answer.

The main goal to get more, unique and dynamically growing views  on youtube is to get our Video Rank #1!(am I not repeating myself?) And to get our Videos rank #1, one of many factors that we need to do is to get our YOUTUBE Video VIEWS INCREASE by OUTSOURCING them! I used “Keith’s Web Youtube Services!” or you can do so at! 

Yes! We have the option to outsource or do it ourselves first the steps of getting views, likes, comments, etc etc., to build trustworthiness and value of our video.

That’s just it! Learn the other factors on how to rank high on youtube and you should be able to get a growing views when you are already on top of the competition!

Inside Video Traffic Academy, you’ll learn how you can leverage the traffic, leads and sales even you don’t have any “CAMERA or TECHNICAL” Experiences! If you’re now ready to get your hands on Video Traffic Academy course and want to apply or harness the power of Youtube Video Marketing within you, ACT NOW! Before your competition does!

I do hope this how to get more views on youtube post does bring help to you. And in the next couple of days! I’ll be posting another helpful and informative post!

Happy Video Marketing!

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