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Types of Videos You Can Create for Youtube Marketing

by Video Traffic Academy on February 26, 2013

I’ve written this post to help people who are struggling to create their very own video. While video traffic academy isn’t about how to create stunning videos, James Wedmore had created a solution for that and he called it Reel Marketing Insiders. You can read Reel Marekting Insider Review post that I have written a while back here. You can also read my Product Review page to see other products you might need for your online business. 

So below, are few of the things I have learned from Reel Marketing Insider and you will know a lot more! Hope this could help you and with that, you now have no excuse that you can’t create a video or say to me that you have fear in front of the camera. Anyways, don’t let yourself have fear in the camera anymore because I’ve also written a post that will give you Tips on How to Get Rid of Fear of Being on Camera.

Without further ado, let’s get ahead and learn the types of videos you can create for youtube marketing. Here are the list types of videos we are going to talk about:

  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Puppet Video
  • Screencast Video
  • Public Domain Video
  • Hire Actresses/Actors Video

Let’s talk about each of  them very briefly so you can have an idea about each video types and then we’ll talk about the resources you can use to let others do them for you or either do it yourself!

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animations are very effective way to communicate and engage your customers. I can give you coutless examples in which I will show you in moment.,but first..

Why it’s effective?

Whiteboard Animation or others call it Scribe Videos are good in portraying the message or story that you want to tell your viewers by using “scribbles” and whiteboard drawings and illustrations. 

Here are few examples of Whiteboard Animation. 

How You Can Make One?

Who says you need a huge whiteboard and a good drawing skills? It’s easy to have whiteboard animation! I recommend you to use VideoScribe Desktop by Sparkol. Study the software in a few minutes and you’ll be able to produce great looking whiteboard animation like I have shown above examples. 

Puppet Video

Puppet videos are videos in which you are going to use puppets instead your great your poker face(just kidding). Instead of you facing the camera, use a puppet! You can buy or create your own puppets or either outsource it through or

Screencast Video

 Screencasts Videos are videos that are often used on Webinars and online conferences. It combines with Powerpoint(PC) or Keynote(for Mac) to create a list of important messages. 

Public Domain Video

 These types of videos are videos that you don’t own personally but are publicly available for downloads and edition. Beware though and make sure to read the terms of use of each public videos you use to be an additional to your own videos…it could hurt or make your feel good. 

Use public domain videos to use as teasers or either as addition(combination) to your own video to make them work beautiful. 

Hire Actresses/Actors Video

This type of videos are good to be used if you’re not representing your personal details for branding purposes.  Holywood actresses and actors are around the world and receives high fees! But you don’t need them or spend thousands of dollars to hire your own actresses/actors to create your own videos. 

You can combine two or more of the type of videos discussed above to make your videos more engaging and effective! 



  3. Sparkol Video Scribe Desktop
  4. Camtasia Studio


There you have it! Hope this article had helped you learn how to create your own videos even you don’t have camera on your own or don’t want to be on the camera.

Thanks for reading this post and looking forward to see your success in video marketing!


Video Traffic Academy 2.0 is NOW LIVE!

by Video Traffic Academy on September 21, 2012

You’ve got to be kidding me! James Wedmore is getting more and more awesome with his products! He’s now updating his over 5,000 members membership course called Video Traffic Academy into VTA 2.0!

What’s NEW?

  • New Interface(Organized and Looks pretty much nicer than VTA 1.0)
  • Easier Browsing
  • Easier Downloads
  • More Contents(Updated!)
  • Some bug fixes.

Watch this quick video tour inside VTA 2.0! Let’s have a tour!:

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think of Video Traffic Academy 2.0. 


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